Lil Scrappy Keeps His Shape Up With New Mixtape

With DJs Don Cannon and Infamous, Scrap gets '100 percent crunk,' in Mixtape Daily.

This Week's Main Pick

Street King: Lil Scrappy

Holding It Down For: ATL

Mixtape: The Shape Up

Mixmasters: DJs Don Cannon, Infamous and Tee the Barber

Real Spit: Lil Scrappy signed his deal with Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace several months ago and has been keeping pretty quiet in the studio. Apparently Scrap's been grinding so hard he hasn't had time to sit in his hairstylist Tee the Barber's chair in a long time. Tee is partial to the title of Scrap's new mixtape, The Shape Up. Tee is the one who actually came up with the title.

"Everybody's been wondering where your boy been at, what he's been doing," Scrappy said, standing in front of his favorite barbershop, Uppercuts, on the West Side of ATL. "I got with Ludacris, new deal with DTP. Luda and Chaka took me straight to Def Jam. It's going digital, Gs up. Shape Up is all about keeping yourself flip-flop up. As soon as you get to looking raggedy, touch yourself up, get your shape up. Get yourself in shape. Every day is a struggle."

"Scrappy did it for the people in the struggle trying to get their life together," said DJ Don Cannon, who used to spin for Scrappy years ago. "It's one of those inspirational records. We do it out here, go 'hood to 'hood like Alabama, Arkansas, Houston, Nashville, Dallas, that know about the 'hood and how we had to represent it, how we had to shape it up."

Gucci Mane is one of the guest stars on the tape.

Joints To Check For

» "Chop It Up." "I'm painting a picture of a movie," Scrappy said. "I'm giving a plot and a plan. You gotta have a plan to get shaped up. I'm trying to bring this thing back to the streets and the gangsta party. Everybody got their thing in Atlanta. You got the dance music, you got your real music/ dope-boy music, you got your straight 100 percent gangsta music."

» "Black Diamonds." "Sometimes me and Scrappy be in the club, black shirt, black shades, all black-diamond out," Infamous said. "Off this tape, we're making a movement right now."

» "On the Road." "When I say 'on the road,' it means I'm constantly going," Scrap said. "I'm never gonna calm down, never gonna stop. We get it in around here. We're big boy talking around here, shawty. Don't get it twisted. The Shape Up is straight 100 percent crunk. I ain't doing no Auto-Tune on this one, nothing but A-Town music. I'mma keep spitting that real stuff. I'mma keep doing it."

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