American Idol Kris Allen Answers Fans' Burning Questions

The season-eight winner reveals his ideal talk-show lineup, his fashion taste and more.

"American Idol" champ Kris Allen is on a strict no-sleep schedule, what with the American Idols Live! Tour barreling on and his debut major-label album set to drop later this year. But that didn't stop the hardworking [artist id="3188062"]Allen[/artist] from setting aside time to answer fans' questions, submitted via Twitter, with MTV News.

So what did the fans want to know? Aside from the expected album inquiries, several questions ended up being about pop culture, ranging from his TV preferences to his ideal talk-show lineup.

Should Kris ever land a gig hosting a talk show, his ideal lineup proved to be a little hard to decide on. After much deliberation, Allen finally settled on his dream bookings. "I would probably say Will Smith. Musical guest? Paul McCartney. And the other guest, let's put a girl in there. Maybe Jennifer Aniston. That's pretty good, right?"

Other decisions were easier to make. Without hesitation, Kris responded to a fan-fielded question about his #1 television show pick. "My favorite TV show ever is 'Boy Meets World'! Topanga's super-hot, man!" Sadly, Kris doesn't have a TV anymore so he hasn't been able to check out Topanga's (Danielle Fishel's) latest show, "The Dish," on the Style Network.

Reporters often ask Kris about his relationship with Adam Lambert, but leave it to the Allen Nation to inquire about his fictional relationship with Adam. When the topic of fan fiction came up, however, Kris was clueless. "Fan fiction, what's a fan fiction?" Once we explained the Internet phenomenon to him, the singer became quite intuitive. "I have a feeling that most of those do not end up very PG-rated," he laughed.

Adam Lambert also gained headlines this week when he held a "Twitter Party" after falling too ill to attend meet and greets at a recent tour stop. During the "party," Lambert spent an hour replying to as many Twitter followers as possible. (The singer was likely inspired by "Idol" co-star Michael Sarver, who has been holding similar Twitter Parties throughout the American Idols Live! Tour.)

Despite all the attention Adam and Kris have received thanks to their "Kradam" bromance, the most-asked question had to do with Kris' fashion choices. Or perhaps we should say "choice," singular, since Allen has been sporting plaid shirts almost exclusively since winning the "Idol" crown in May. When nudged about his sartorial style, Kris defended himself. "Plaid is in! Is plaid in? I don't know. I guess my eyes are drawn to it. I like it. It's comfortable."

The only uncomfortable moment arose when one fan asked Kris to reveal his least favorite aspect of being an "Idol" winner. Allen sincerely appeared to struggle to come up with any negatives, before settling on an incident involving an Italian fanatic who assaulted him with an unwelcome French kiss.

Apparently when you're an "Idol" winner, save for a stranger's tongue, there isn't much else you'd want to change. Plaid shirt, included.

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