'Gossip Girl' Star Sebastian Stan Buddies Up To Ashton Kutcher In 'Spread'

'We kind of have that Vince Vaughn/ Jon Favreau relationship,' actor says.

Fans of "Gossip Girl" may know Sebastian Stan as Carter Baizen, the globe-trekking troublemaker who spiced up Blair's love life for a bit last season and may be hooking up with Serena this fall. But in the meantime, Leighton Meester's real-life boyfriend is also starring alongside Ashton Kutcher, who spices up various women's love lives in the new movie "Spread," out Friday (August 14).

Stan plays Harry, pal to Kutcher's Nikki, a relationship he likens to another onscreen bromance.

"We kind of have that Vince Vaughn/ Jon Favreau relationship," he told MTV News. "We sort of nag each other. We need each other to be in each other's lives."

Much like Vaughn and Favreau in "Swingers," Harry and Nikki are definitely yin and yang. "I kind of balance him out," Stan explained. "He brings me up to date to what's hip and what's the manual for picking up a girl. And that's sort of what our relationship [is like], and it gets affected by what happens to him in the film."

The movie, which also stars Anne Heche and Margarita Levieva, is really about young people who are trying to get by in Los Angeles, in a shady kind of way, Stan said. " 'Spread' is just like this fun, kind of sexy movie with the beautiful Ashton Kutcher and myself," he said. "And it's sort of about young people in L.A. who, well, are in a sense con artists.

"It's about [Nikki] basically being a con artist, sort of getting his way around with women ... to live day to day," he said. "And there's a major lesson he learns in the process. And I think it's very relatable to 2009, our generation right now."

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