Vanessa Hudgens Has ‘Moved On’ From ‘High School Musical’

But she's not necessarily done with teen flicks: 'I don't really care if it's set in high school or in a brothel ... as long as I feel passionate about it.'

Just because Vanessa Hudgens returned to the world of teen flicks for “Bandslam” doesn’t mean you’ll see her in the next installment of “High School Musical.” Like much of the original “HSM” class, including beau Zac Efron, she’s moved on from the land of the Wildcats and hopes to grow up in her future films.

“I love ‘High School Musical,’ ” the actress told MTV News while promoting “Bandslam,” which hits theaters Friday (August 14). “But I feel like I’ve moved on. And I’m doing different things and growing up.”

With Gabriella behind her, Hudgens is ready to get tough on the big screen. It sounds like her badass days begin with Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch,” but that doesn’t mean she’d rule out more family-friendly fare in the future.

“Honestly, I just kind of do things I feel passionate about,” she said. “When something comes along and I really like it, I don’t really care if it’s set in high school or in a brothel like ‘Sucker Punch,’ just as long as I feel passionate about it.”

She added that she’s always “wanted to do action.” “That was my biggest go-to when I wanted to play the sexy girl [was to be in an action film],” she explained. “And I get to do that in ‘Sucker Punch,’ and I’m so excited.”

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