Paramore Grow Up Together In 'Ignorance' Video

For new clip, there's as much of a message in the visuals as there is in the music.

By their own admission, "Ignorance" is the song that saved Paramore.

After spending months spinning their wheels attempting to write new songs, the band's resolve began to falter. Tensions were high, confidence was low, and they had a label-imposed deadline looming on the horizon. With nothing else to lose, they decided to sit down and just talk — about the divisions that formed after they nearly split last year, the invisible barriers that had been built and the unspoken sentiments that had festered below the surface.

It was ugly, but it was necessary. Because as a result, Paramore became a band again — and the first song they wrote after airing their grievances was "Ignorance." They said from the moment those spiky chords were first strummed, they knew it was going to be the first single from their new album, Brand New Eyes.

And so now, we have the video, a claustrophobic, hard-charging thing that showcases Paramore: The Band. Gone are the neon clothes, the angular haircuts and the spastic strutting of their past, replaced instead with dark outfits, a scowl or three and some straight-ahead rock (and a light bulb). You can take from that what you will, but in my estimation, there's as much of a message in the visuals as there is in the music: We're Paramore, we're united, and we're not going anywhere.

That's very much a theme on most of Brand New Eyes, an album born out of tense struggles, both public and private. Paramore have grown up, they've battled, and they've emerged as a better, stronger, healthier rock band — not to mention better friends too. Lyrically, it's about the destructive nature of gossip, about the ugly, tear-'em-down world in which Paramore exist, but it's not difficult to think that when Williams growls about gavels and juries and offenses, she's growling about the inner-workings of her band too.

All that said, there are also the few scenes in which Williams prowls around in a white leather catsuit, her hair done up like Björk in the "Big Time Sensuality" clip. I don't really know how deeply we're supposed to read into it (because sometimes a catsuit is just a catsuit, after all), but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that she looks great while she's prowling — and there's nothing unspoken about that. She can talk it out with her bandmates until she's blue in the face, but at the end of the day, a frontwoman's gotta do what a frontwoman's gotta do.