Jay-Z Celebrates 10 Years Of Rocawear With Spike Lee-Directed Ad

Rapper is 'more than honored' to work with the filmmaker, who's also from Brooklyn.

Milestone after milestone. [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] is celebrating another high point in his career: a decade in the fashion game. Besides big parties, Hov has new apparel and a commercial to trumpet his business landmark.

"It's a 10-year anniversary for Rocawear this year," said Hov, sitting in a throne-like seat in Brooklyn, New York. He was taking a break from filming with fellow Brooklynite Spike Lee. "We're shooting the commercial. The commercial is about Rocawear, what we meant to the culture. The aspiration to maintain and be around for 10 years."

Jay explained the ad's fantasy concept. "So this guy, he's in advertisement, and he's in Rocawear, and he goes through the day as if he's Jay-Z," Hov said of the concept. "He looks out the window, in his mind — because he's aspiring to make his own Rocawear — there's a group of people outside and they're waving to him. As he walks away, realty sets in. Someone looks out the window, and no one's out there. He gets on the elevator, and he's thinking people are asking him for autographs; no one's there. He's on his way to building his empire, but he has Rocawear on, and that's a start. So he feels as if he's successful already."

After shooting in the clock tower, Jay and Spike hit the street, where surprised fans broke out camera phones to capture the moment.

"Spike Lee is one of the most important directors of our time," Jigga said of the Oscar-nominated filmmaker. "He gave us a voice and perspective in 'Do the Right Thing' that touched on racial relations in Brooklyn and all these movies we grew up on that were so important to our growth. To work with him on a commercial, I think we stole one. That's how I feel. We're more than honored. That's Spike Lee."

And you, sir, are Jay-Z — a decade later and still standing in fashion.

"[I'm] really excited," he said. "It started in rap. They said rap was a fad and it never would last. Here we are, 30-something years later, the most dominant force in music. They said that sector in fashion — street-urban-apparel sector — they said that's dead the last seven years, and here we are still."

Jay-Z is thriving in music as well. In 2006, he celebrated 10 years since the release of his debut, Reasonable Doubt, and his career has no end in sight. On September 11, he puts out The Blueprint 3, and on September 13, he'll perform at the Video Music Awards.