Fall Out Boy Release Wrong Version Of 'What A Catch, Donnie' Video

'We've always been the kind of band that rolls with the punches,' Pete Wentz says of the mix-up.

Last week, after months of anticipation and speculation about whether it would be Fall Out Boy's swan song, the rockers finally premiered their "What a Catch, Donnie" video on MTV.

The only problem? It wasn't the correct version of the video.

Seems the version that first premiered featured an extended — and rather awful-looking — computer-generated shot of FOB bassist Pete Wentz saluting from the deck of a sinking ship. It didn't quite fit with the rather somber feel of the rest of the "Donnie" clip, and according to Wentz, the entire band was pretty embarrassed that people actually saw it.

"I kind of came up with the 'Captain goes down with the ship' idea, only somehow that got CGI-ed into, like, 'Titanic' on a $2 budget," Wentz told MTV News. "It was not good, so that's the only reason why I took myself out of it. It takes away from a video that I think is a really good piece.

"We have this insane thing with our videos. When we're editing [them] until the last minute, we have very bad luck with people putting up the wrong edits of our videos," he continued. "I swear to God that if we do another video, we will put up the right edit the first time. We've had product-placement issues, we've had wrong edits put up, it's just hilarious, kind of."

Kind of, indeed. Wentz is right about Fall Out Boy's rather interesting history with videos. Last year, he publically fumed when an unauthorized, Nokia-heavy cut of their "I Don't Care" video premiered without their knowledge. The band then re-released a version of the video that features an extended cameo by the Spaghetti Cat. Though Wentz is able to laugh off the "Donnie" snafu, he does admit that it has thrown off the band's plans for a series of viral videos they'll release to complete the video's story line.

Then again, abrupt changes in plans are nothing new for Fall Out Boy.

"We've always been the kind of band that rolls with the punches," Wentz said. "We're still going to do the viral videos, though, because they're important. This song was so serious, and this video was so serious, and we were really passionate about it. But at the same time, our band has a sense of humor, and the other part of the video that will kind of explain some of the video will add levity to it as well. It's goofy, and that's what we like about it."

Wentz added that FOB fans should keep their eyes peeled for the clips, which the band will begin releasing over the next few weeks.

"I've been saying all along that [the 'Donnie' video] isn't going to be our last one ever. What I meant was if it is out last video, it wouldn't be a bad thing," he explained. "But truly, it isn't our last video, because we have some viral stuff coming out in two weeks."