Chace Crawford Describes 'Intense' Training For 'Footloose' Remake

'I'm getting muscles that I didn't even know were there worked out,' the 'Gossip Girl' star laughs.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Over the past few years on "Gossip Girl," Chace Crawford has been working so hard, punching his card. Now, he's ready to make his leading-man debut in Hollywood, and it's time to tear up this town. Yup, he's getting ready to cut loose, "Footloose," and kick off his Sunday shoes.

"We were good to squeeze it in during the hiatus between the third and fourth ['Gossip'] season," Crawford told MTV News at the Teen Choice Awards, discussing his soon-to-shoot remake of the Kevin Bacon dance classic. "It's great. I'm training right now in New York, and it's pretty intense.

"I'm more like [Chris Penn's character] Willard, trying to learn the dances at this point," he grinned. "I'm getting muscles that I didn't even know were there worked out."

A lot of eyebrows were raised around Hollywood when a modern-day remake of the film that made Bacon a household name was announced. At first, Zac Efron was scheduled to step into the role of Ren McCormack — a Chicago boy who shakes up a small town where rock music and dancing are illegal. But after the "High School Musical" star decided he needed to take a break from getting his boogie on, Crawford decided it was time to cut footloose.

"It's a modern adaptation," Crawford said of the script he'll begin shooting soon. "['Erin Brockovich' writer] Susannah Grant adapted it, and she's amazing. It's gonna be different, but they've also got nice moments woven in there from the original; some of the other stuff is cut out."

And although some might expect there to be pressure on Crawford to re-create Bacon's iconic 1984 performance, the 24-year-old star insisted it won't be on his mind. "I want to do something different. No one wants to imitate," he explained. "It's gonna be one of those things. I'm just thrilled that he's supporting it."

But will that support extend to a Kevin Bacon cameo in the new flick? "You never know," Crawford teased. "We'll see."

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