Will 'Twilight' Stars Tackle Shakespeare Next?

'Two 'Twilight' stars have auditioned,' Catherine Hardwicke says of her next film, an adaptation of 'Hamlet.'

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — She's the highest-grossing opening weekend female director of all time, lives in the pimpest home/office we've ever seen, and is also one heck of a cool lady. So it made us a bit sad when we recently caught up with Catherine Hardwicke at the Teen Choice Awards and realized that we're nearing the end of her "Twilight" press appearances. But although others are now in charge of the saga, Hardwicke revealed big news to us about her exciting new flick — and the two "Twilight" stars on the verge of landing starring roles.

"I'm doing my next movie 'Hamlet' — a crazy, rad adaptation of 'Hamlet,' with Emile Hirsch," Hardwicke explained of the the recently announced project. "That's gonna be wild.

"Two 'Twilight' stars have auditioned," she added cryptically.

Although Hardwicke told us a few months back that she'd love to reunite with some of the young actors who made magic with her last year, this is the first indication that we may hear someone like [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] or [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart[/movieperson] reciting olde English flowery prose sometime soon.

"We are very close [to shooting] — we've got all our financing companies and we're doing casting," Hardwicke said of the film's status. "It's a flashing green light! We've been doing a lot of auditions with a lot of young actresses for Ophelia and [actors] for Laertes."

Whether the "Twilight" actors will be filling those roles opposite Hirsch's Hamlet remains to be seen, but this much is certain: Hardwicke's take on Shakespeare definitely won't feel like English homework. "It's been really exciting to hear a lot of young actors have a great command of Shakespeare, and making it seem like they are just saying the lines for the first time," she explained. "We're doing a really edgy, kinda crazy, thriller adaptation of 'Hamlet.' Eight people die, so it's a badass 'Hamlet.' "

Hardwicke revealed to us that she plans to announce the Ophelia actress next week, and also gave us some cryptic clues as to which "Twilight" stars are in the running. So, put on your thinking caps, Twilighters!

"We're shooting at the same time as 'Eclipse,' " Hardwicke explained. "So it has to be people with smaller parts [in that film], so that they can sneak over and do ours."

Hardwicke also added that her Shakesperean stars could be "somebody who's already been killed [in the 'Twilight' films by 'Eclipse']," she explained, responding to a question about whether the dearly departed Cam Gigandet could be one of her candidates. "Exactly.

"We have a whole casting puzzle [hung up] on my wall," Hardwicke laughed. "But they aren't pay-or-play deals yet, so I have to wait [before I can say the actors]."

Post your best guesses — and the roles you'd want them to play — down below. And stay tuned, Twilighters, as we'll continue to bring you the latest news on Catherine's "Hamlet" in the months to come.