50 Cent And Joe Budden Lead Your Hottest MCs In The Game Votes

Our hip-hop team talks about your poll results before the list starts rolling out Monday, in Off the Dome.

NOTE: The 2009 Hottest MCs in the Game has been rescheduled for October — so that you, the fans, can have a seat at the table! The readers' poll now closes on September 21 — head here for more info and voting information.

This is actually just what we wanted — thousands of fans talking about which hip-hop artists they love, in one forum.

This week, we announced that our Hottest MCs in the Game list is coming back starting Monday, and we let the readers of MTVNews.com share their opinions with us and their peers.

We posed the question: "Who is Your Choice for the Hottest MC in the Game?" While the results of our poll — which includes more than 30 names in hip-hop — has no bearing on the actual Hottest list, your opinions are highly regarded. So far, the leading vote getters are [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] and [artist id="1234809"]Joe Budden[/artist].

Reader Biggs50 wrote in the comments section that 50 is the "Hottest MC ever," while BlackCease co-signed, saying, "Alright, okay! MTV and the world is waking up. ... They say Obama didn't change anything, sh--, even America is waking up and acknowledging real hip-hop. Of course 50 is #1. He has been #1 since Get Rich or Die Tryin'. ... While Obama is prez, America's perspective is better!"

That's a die-hard if you ever heard one. Reader KaYe is riding tough for Mr. Jumpoff from New Jersey. "You people are trippin' if you think Joe Budden doesn't deserve to be on there. He [will have] dropped Halfway House, Padded Room, Escape Route and the Slaughterhouse album this year alone and is supposed to drop Mood Music 4 and The Great Escape before the end of the year. Who else is really doing that much?"

Myself and Rahman Dukes had a chance to talk about the picks, and we have to admit that it's no surprise that Budden is on the top, although he might not have a marquee name. Joey has a huge Internet presence. Meanwhile, Fif has the best of both worlds: millions of albums sold, plus a loyal underground following. Keep the votes coming.

Who do you think deserves to be on our Hottest MCs in the Game list? Make your voice heard below!

The debate over who is the hottest MC of 2009 is on! Cast your vote now — series begins August 17, with the top MC being revealed on the August 24 episode of "Making His Band" at 10 p.m. ET!