'Bandslam' Stars Take Time Out From Filming To See Willie Nelson

'He signed autographs for forever. We made out with a guitar pick,' Vanessa Hudgens says.

[movieperson id="318323"]Vanessa Hudgens[/movieperson] and co-star [movieperson id="419544"]Aly Michalka[/movieperson] made themselves right at home in Austin, Texas, where the ladies shot their latest flick, [movie id="378730"]"Bandslam,"[/movie] in theaters Friday. The duo shared that although they worked hard, they also found time to play hard in the hip Texas town.

"We went and we, like, saw movies and ate dinner together and went shopping and went to [the clothing store] Free People all the time," Michalka told MTV News. "[We] saw Willie Nelson. I went laser-tagging with the cast a lot. We had a blast. It was very much like a summer-camp experience."

The girls — who star in the film that revolves around Will, a new boy in school who ends up playing in a band with Michalka's character while developing a crush on Hudgens' character, with everything culminating in a battle of the bands — seemed genuinely excited about seeing the music legend. And although they had to get into rock mode for the movie, they were thrilled to be able to take time out to meet the country-music star in Texas. "It was so cool he was literally standing there with his red bandanna and signing for, like, hours," Michalka said. "And he just was the nicest guy. The band was tight. We both got a guitar pick."

Hudgens was also enthusiastic about the Willie Nelson show and autograph session. "He was performing," she said. "He signed autographs for forever. We made out with a guitar pick."

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