Kris Allen Is 'Sad' Paula Abdul Is Leaving 'American Idol'

'Paula's been a part of the show for a long time, since the beginning, and I think the show will miss her,' he tells MTV News.

You would think, what with him being the [article id="1611893"]reigning "American Idol" champ[/article] and all, that Kris Allen would have been given some sort of super-secret debriefing about [article id="1617611"]Paula Abdul's shocking departure[/article] from the show. But you'd be wrong.

Seems Allen — and the rest of his fellow "Idol" contestants — found out just like you and I: They read the news on Abdul's Twitter account.

"I heard about it on Twitter, and I think it's sad, you know? Paula's been a part of the show for a long time, since the beginning, and I think the show will miss her, I really do," he told MTV News on Monday. "But the show will go on, for sure. I think it will still do great, and Paula will do great things too."

Allen agreed with [article id="1616580"]"Idol" alum Brooke White's assertions[/article] that Abdul's positivity and willingness to work with contestants was what the show will miss the most. And he sees her applying those qualities to whatever she does next, whether it's a return to music or a move to another television show.

"She did that song [[article id="1610817"]'I'm Just Here For The Music'[/article]] on the show, so maybe she'll go back into music," he said. "She's probably got some shows of her own, too, so she might go back to that."

When Allen first learned about Abdul's departure, he was backstage at the American Idols Live! tour — and the news quickly spread to his fellow contestants. So who took the news the hardest?

"Probably Danny [Gokey] or Matt [Giraud]," Allen said. "Paula loved Danny, but who doesn't love Danny?"

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