'Twilight' Star Ashley Greene Calls Teen Choice Wins 'Incredible'

'Does winning ever get old? No!' actress laughs on the red carpet.

[movieperson id="1014864"]Ashley Greene[/movieperson] couldn't be any happier about the Teen Choice Awards. [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] nabbed 11 surfboards, including Greene's win for Choice Fresh Face Female, and the actress told MTV News that she'll never get tired of the franchise's winning streak.

"Does winning ever get old? No!" she laughed on the red carpet.

Greene, who looked lovely in a strapless dress, also couldn't help but get excited about becoming the movie's newest "it" girl, alongside Kristen Stewart. "I wasn't invited to stuff last year, so to be nominated for the most awards this year ... [I] never would have dreamed it," she said.

Later in the night, Greene gushed about how amazing and even "bizarre" the whole Teen Choice experience was for her.

"All the wins were incredible," she said. "It's such a bizarre thing to be invited — and then to clean up the way we did? Our fans are indescribable. It's amazing. Who does that? Who gets to be a part of that? It's a blast, and it was a really cool show."

Surfboard awards were handed out to Greene and friends for Choice Movie: Drama Romance, Actor (Robert Pattinson), Actress (Kristen Stewart), Villain (Cam Gigandet), Fresh Face Female (Greene), Fresh Face Male (Taylor Lautner), Liplock (Stewart and Pattinson) and Rumble (Pattinson and Gigandet). Another highlight came when RPattz walked onstage to accept his Choice Male Hottie prize alongside female winner Megan Fox. Fans can see the whole thing when the show airs Monday evening (August 10) on Fox.

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