Tokio Hotel Announce First Single From Humanoid Album

'Automatic' was recorded much more quickly than rest of LP, producer David Jost says.

These days, updates are coming fast and furious from the [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] camp. First, they announced the title and release date for their brand-new album, Humanoid. Then, they let it be known that — after some brotherly arguing — they've settled on a final tracklist for the album.

And now, in a statement sent to MTV News on Monday (August 10), TH frontman Bill Kaulitz and producer David Jost have revealed details about the first single from Humanoid: A song they're calling "Automatic," which will be released in mid-September.

"Bill and Tom were on their way from their hotel in West Hollywood to our studio — originally to record Bill's vocals. Just before the guys arrived Bill called from the car and said that he had an idea for a song which should be named 'Automatic,' " Jost wrote. "We put the vocal recordings on hold that day and wrote down the entire song in less than two hours."

Jost added that the song's quick turnaround time made it different than most of the other songs on Humanoid, most of which were the end result of months of in-studio tinkering.

"For some of them we had to fight for during all-night sessions," he wrote. "At times you believe a track is done and then, the next day you get into the song again to feel out things more closely and realize that it's not finished."

Kaulitz expanded on Jost's statement, detailing the process that created each of Humanoid's 13 tracks.

"It's different for each song, we don't follow a formula. With some of the songs we did many interim versions until we were finally satisfied," he wrote. "Some tracks initially refused to be the way we had planned them out, and then there were others where we just had to allow the song to guide us."