Levi Johnston Hits Teen Choice Awards With Kathy Griffin

'She gave me a call and offered me a date, so I took it,' Bristol Palin's ex told MTV News.

Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston may not be Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, but they certainly had everyone buzzing when they arrived at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles on each others' arms.

Johnston, of course, made headlines when he and former vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol had a child named Tripp together in 2008. He and the self-proclaimed D-list comedienne aren't exactly dating, but when Johnston got the call from Griffin to join her at the big show, he couldn't say no.

"She gave me a call and offered me a date, so I took it," Johnston, 19, told MTV News, adding that the event was "funner" than ones he's been to in the past. "I don't need to meet anybody else — I've got her."

And the admiration between Griffin and Johnston is mutual. The "My Life on the D-list" star was equally fixated with Johnston, and both seemed content with the joke they were playing on the media at the show.

"I have the ultimate date," she said, adding why she chose the Alaska native as her date. "He's a genuine teen. And, you know, we have a lot in common. We both love hunting."

After the two shared that they have a love of moose and sheep hunting and couldn't wait to rub elbows with Britney Spears and the "Gossip Girl" crew, Griffin added, "We're here, and young love is blossoming. There's no pressure. Allhe has to do is have a beautiful woman on his arm. I'm just his trophy girlfriend."