Aerosmith Fans Thought Steven Tyler's Fall Was Part Of Act

'We thought maybe he stage-dived into the crowd,' one fan says.

During a Wednesday night show in Rapid City, South Dakota, [artist id="1028"]Aerosmith[/artist] frontman Steven Tyler fell backwards off the stage and was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment — and many in the audience thought it was part of the act.

According to The Associated Press, Tyler was dancing on a catwalk that was attached to the main stage at the Buffalo Chip Campground — where Aerosmith was playing as part of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally — when fell backward. Most of the crowd cheered — because they thought Tyler's tumble was planned.

"We thought maybe he stage-dived into the crowd, but he didn't get back up," Jessica Kokesh, a University of South Dakota journalism student who was covering the concert, told the AP. "I thought he was falling back to crowd-surf."

Security guards rushed to Tyler's aid, and he was taken backstage to be attended to by a physician. Eventually, Tyler was loaded onto a helicopter bound for the Rapid City Regional Hospital, where, according to several reports, it was revealed that he suffered minor head and neck injuries, and an injured shoulder as a result of the fall. Shortly after the incident, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry informed the crowd that Tyler had been airlifted to a hospital, and the show was over.

Aerosmith were scheduled to return to the stage Friday night in Winnipeg, Manitoba. According to the AP, it was not clear whether that show — nor the band's upcoming gigs — would be canceled as a result of the show.