Lil Boosie Gets Serious In 'Better Believe It' Video

'Boosie was not rapping about dancing or none of that,' clip's director says. 'The song spoke to current situations.'

On the set of his "Better Believe It" video, [artist id="1245546"]Lil Boosie[/artist] wore what looked to be every chain. Not all the chains he owns; all the chains in the state of Louisiana. With ice draped on his chest, Boosie began to rap.

"From the East to West Coast, I smoked on the best smoke," Boosie rapped along with his recorded voice. "We pushin' Lambos, Phantoms and Bentley coupes now/ People hollering out the window, 'Hey, Boosie, you got the juice now.' "

"We're trying to replicate the look of the Boosie Fader magazine cover throughout the video," said the clip's director, Edwin Decena (Plies and T-Pain's "Shawty," Webbie's "I Miss You"). "Hearing the song, it was not the typical Trill [Entertainment] song. Boosie was not rapping about dancing or none of that. The song spoke to current situations.

"He's going through a lot of stuff," Decena continued. "It felt like the song and the video needed to address the things they've gone through and shed light on the good they're doing. Giving back, he's being a positive guy. We go through the police harassing young males in the neighborhood. They arrest them under false pretenses. At the end, he ends up clearing his name."

Boosie just dropped a mixtape with Hurricane Chris called Bad Azz Hurricane, and Boosie's next album, Super Bad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz, is due September 15.