Ciara 'Surprised, Happy' About VMA Nomination With Justin Timberlake

Singer's 'Love Sex Magic' clip is up for Best Choreography at this year's awards.

[artist id="1801883"]Ciara[/artist] and [artist id="1231683"]Justin Timberlake[/artist]'s sexy moves in the "Love Sex Magic" video seemed to impress — the clip is up for Best Choreography at this year's Video Music Awards.

"When I heard about the nomination, I was very happy," Ciara told MTV News about the nomination. "Just to be honored and acknowledged for this video in particular [is great], because we really had a lot of fun with the actual concept. It definitely meant a lot to be honored. I was elated. I was surprised, happy — everything all in one."

Although she couldn't help but be all smiles over the nomination, she had yet to discuss the good news with her co-star, Justin Timberlake, who brought his own share of sex appeal to the video. "I haven't [spoken to him] ... I'm actually going to reach out," she said. "We'll probably end up talking later or something. I'm sure he does know about it, but we haven't spoken yet."

Ciara explained that all that hotness between the two in the video was inspired by one very sexy Vegas act. "We actually got inspired from a show called Crazy Horse from Vegas. And when [me and choreographer, Jamaica] both went to the show, we were just, like, so in love with the idea of it and we were kind of like, 'How can we make our own Crazy Horse show?' So that's kind of where the inspiration came from — playing around."

But it wasn't just the sexy dancing from the show that inspired the video — the look of the Vegas show came into play as well. "We fell in love with the lighting and we kind of wanted to give it our own twist, create our own show," she explained. "Our own 'Love Sex Magic' show, I'll say."

And as if it wasn't clear enough that Ciara and Timberlake had no shortage of chemistry while filming the clip, the singer confirmed that the pair had an amazing time on set.

"It was really fun. Justin's so down-to-earth and he's so passionate about ... the energy he gives me is that he's very passionate about everything he does," she said. "And working together, it was just really cool and ... it was a very easygoing shoot. It didn't feel like we were working at all."

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