Soulja Boy Gets A Studio Tour Bus From 50 Cent To Finish New LP

'I'm trying to have the best show in the tour,' Soulja says of America's Most Wanted festival, in Mixtape Daily.

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Who says 50 Cent doesn't give love to his peers? The captain of the G-Unit squadron recently shelled out some major coin to help out his much younger friend, recent birthday boy Soulja Boy Tell'em. Fif presented a studio tour bus to the Atlanta rapper as a gift.

"50 gave me a bus to record my album since I was on tour," Soulja told us last week on Young Money Presents: The America's Most Wanted Music Festival.

Apparently, Fif wants to make sure his labelmate can complete his upcoming album, The DeAndre Way, while out on the road with Jeremih, Pleasure P, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. (Drake has missed the past few dates because of a leg injury.) Soulja can record and make beats on the bus and doesn't have to book studio time.

"When they came at me and was like, 'Wayne wants you to be on tour with Drake, Jeezy, a lot of people,' of course I'mma do it," he said. "My first tour I did was with Chris Brown. Now this is gonna be my second official tour. I been doing a lot of shows, spot dates, but this is my second official tour.

"If I'm doing a Soulja Boy Tell'em concert, it's gonna be mostly Soulja Boy fans," he added about the differences between going out on treks by himself and with others. "The second difference is if I'm doing a show, I'm gonna fly in and fly out. On this type of tour, you got Young Jeezy fans in the crowd, Lil Wayne fans in the crowd, Jeremih fans in the crowd, Pleasure P fans in the crowd, and this is not the only time you gotta do it. You gotta do it four or five days straight. This is what I'm built for, though. This is what I'm designed for."

Soulja said he still thinks nobody alive can match him on the stage, but he does credit the late Michael Jackson for being his only competition. "That's the truth. That's still the truth," he said with a smile. "That was when I first came out. ... I can't bust the moves like I used to."

At the ripe old age of 19, Soulja still is ready to compete. He's trying to steal the show every night on the America's Most Wanted tour.

"I try to strive for my best. I respect everybody in the tour, likewise, but I'm trying to have the best show in the tour," he said. "I'm gonna stay and watch everybody, though."

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