'G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra' Stars Study Up On Treasured Franchise

'The boys admittedly knew a lot more than the girls,' actress Rachel Nichols said.

There are a lot of fan expectations riding on a movie like "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra." Between the long-running comic book line and the multiple TV series, it is a treasured franchise to many people.

When we sat down with stars Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans, the big question was how much background knowledge each performer brought to their role.

"We all kinda read up on it," said Tatum, who played Duke. "I don't know who was the 'Joe' expert."

Wayans, who plays Ripcord, was confident who the real expert was. "Ray Park was the biggest 'Joe' expert," he said of the actor who plays Snake Eyes. "The only thing was, [Park] wouldn't share information, because he couldn't talk. The whole time."

Wayans continued: "We asked, 'Ray, what is this?' And he was playing Snake Eyes, so he couldn't talk."

"He was a character actor," Tatum added. "He would not take off the outfit."

Miller, who plays Baroness, and Nichols, who plays Scarlett, both agreed with Park's expertise, but they weren't so quick to count out Tatum.

"Chan was pretty good," Miller said. "[He] loved Snake Eyes growing up."

The ladies brought less knowledge of the franchise into the production. Miller specifically didn't spend any of her childhood with the iconic Real American Heroes. "I grew up in England, where we didn't have G.I. Joe; we had Action Man," she said. "It sounds so British. So I didn't know an awful lot about G.I. Joe."

Nichols at least got to play with some of the action figures. "I had a younger brother who played with G.I. Joe. I was more of a Barbie girl," she said. "G.I. Joe was known from time to time to date Barbie, so that was my experience with them."

Nichols concluded that "the boys admittedly knew a lot more than the girls."

"If it was a Barbie movie, we'd know everything," Miller added.

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