'Drake's Knee' Tweets Hilarious Verses About Injury

Twitter site features rhymes about Lil Wayne protégé's injury on America's Most Wanted tour.

Sometimes the Internet can be a wonderful thing: Just hours after Drake re-injured his knee while performing with Lil Wayne at the America's Most Wanted tour stop in Camden, New Jersey, on Friday night, a Twitter account surfaced called "Drake's Knee." It did exactly what it claimed to do: file tweets from the perspective of the rapper and his wounded knee, mostly in verse.

With his location listed as "on the ground look down" and featuring photos of [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist]'s character from "Degrassi" in a wheelchair, at press time the account had already amassed 63 dispatches and more than 4,100 followers — which is no surprise, as the output is hilarious, clever and self-deprecating.

"Before I tripped I was the man/ Wish I was rappin' in some sand/ Now I never want to hear 'Fallin' by Alicia, man," goes one of the lyrics posted Sunday night. Earlier, Drake's Knee tweeted, "Hip-hop's like an open sore/ But Weezy came and opened doors/ Don't worry bout my knee/ Worry if I lose my vocal cords."

The "Knee" also takes time out to boast a bit about its own sudden ubiquity, highlighted by "Cats actin' all aggy but inside they wanna be me/ @drakesknee be reason their girl hoggin' up the PC" and "Most of these MCs really aren't even half of me/ In fact, besides God the only fear I have is gravity." The rest of the feed is fleshed out by nods to Lil Wayne, like "It's all good when u shine u on the top they hate/ Hope Weezy's not mad 'cuz they might have to operate" and "Woke in a daze, bright lights, feelin' weaker/ Feelin' like Wayne put oil on my sneakers."

A rep for Drake told MTV News on Monday (August 3) that the Twitter account did not emanate from Drake or anyone affiliated with him; at press time, the creator of the account had not responded to requests for comment.

Due to the injury, Drake has returned home to Toronto to recover from the injury, which will likely keep him off the remaining dates of the America's Most Wanted tour. In the meantime, Drake revealed in a blog post on his Web site that he will be reflecting on his experiences and working on his hotly anticipated debut full-length album, Thank Me Later.

[This story was originally published at 2:05 pm E.T. on 8.3.2009]