Tony Yayo Premieres 'Streets Keep Calling Me' Video

Watch the new clip for the Public Enemies track right here, in Mixtape Daily.

The Unveiling: Tony Yayo's 'Streets Keep Calling Me'

Today, we bring you the debut of a new viral video by [artist id="1689514"]Tony Yayo[/artist] called "Streets Keep Calling Me." The clip features fellow Queens giant Cormega and is off Yayo's Public Enemies mixtape.

"The Internet is everything for me," Yayo said about putting out music and accompanying visuals on the Web. His videos, like the one for "Candy Man," have been viewed millions of times on "Fif is a smart dude. He has the power to see stuff ahead of time. So it's like, I'm seeing how hard he's going with the Internet — and all these other dot-coms, that's poppin' right now. It's the plateau to get yourself out. Before, artists had to pay to get the music out. This is my plateau right now, so I'm going hard."

Public Enemies is Yayo's third mixtape in just a few months.

"The way we had it in '03, 04, I'll never forget that the mixtapes made who we are," Tony explained. "I feel like a whole new artist. I feel like I'm starting all over again. The mixtapes were crazy. I'm still in the 'hood with it.

"It's just everything you're doing yourself," he added about the difference between making his own mixtapes and working on G-Unit projects. "When you got perfectionists like Eminem, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and [Dr.] Dre in the studio, you learn a lot from them. I seen 50 say lines 20 times over. The same line. He learned that from Dre and Eminem. I feel the pressure of them still being there. I want the mixtapes to come out right, and I want 50 to be impressed, as well as Banks. It's the same kinda feeling, just a little more pressure, 'cause you wanna make sure everything is good."

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