'Twilight' Screenwriter Reveals One Of Rachelle Lefevre's Final Scenes

Melissa Rosenberg checks in on Victoria during 'New Moon' with a chilling road-trip scene.

SAN DIEGO — These days, fans are talking about the contentious war of words between recently ousted "Twilight" series star Rachelle Lefevre and the film's studio. But as we've learned, most Twilighters would prefer to keep things on the positive side, even during dark times.

With that in mind, we recently spoke to franchise screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who revealed a top-secret scene that she added to the "New Moon" script — and one that is, as it turns out, among the final scenes Lefevre will film as the vampire Victoria.

"There is something I just love with Victoria," Rosenberg told us at Comic-Con, discussing her script for November's "New Moon." "It's very fun to write the evil vampires — or it was fun to write James."

With Cam Gigandet's ruthless tracker gone for the sequel, Rosenberg instead found herself sinking her screenwriting teeth into Lefevre's vengeance-minded vamp. "In the book, that was about Bella's point of view," she explained, admitting that keeping the events of the "Twilight" films to what Kristen Stewart's character can see is a difficult task. "You can't violate that to see what Victoria is up to."

New series director Chris Weitz, however, gave Rosenberg permission to get away from Bella's point of view a few times — most notably in a scene where we'll get a glimpse of the evil vampire's road trip. "I was able to explore what Victoria was up to," Rosenberg revealed. "And at one point, we cut away to Victoria driving really fast in a car."

When any of us are driving a long way, we might swing into a 7-Eleven and grab a Gatorade, some Flamin' Hot Cheetos or a Slim Jim. Victoria, however, prefers human flesh.

"She took a snack with her," laughed Rosenberg, making reference to Victoria's latest victim. "And she's reminiscing about her days with James. I loved writing that scene."

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