'Twilight' Fans React To Rachelle Lefevre Recasting

'Totally bummed,' one fan writes, while others defend newly cast Bryce Dallas Howard.

As the war of words ramps up between Summit Entertainment and Rachelle Lefevre following the studio's decision to replace the actress for "Eclipse," the third film in the "Twilight" franchise, fan reaction to the news has ranged from understanding to anger.

In both "Twilight" and the upcoming "New Moon," Lefevre portrays the vampire Victoria, and many MTV News readers were disheartened that they will not see the 30-year-old complete her character's arc. "Totally bummed about Rachelle not being able to finish her role as Victoria," Metak21 wrote. " 'Eclipse' was the last one she would've been in anyway. ... I hope this ends up being a great career decision and hope to see her in other films."

Last year, rumors cropped up that "Twilight" werewolf Taylor Lautner was going to be replaced for "New Moon," though ultimately he reprised the role. Citing that precedent, Twilightlover08 questioned the decision to replace Lefevre with Bryce Dallas Howard.

"I cannot believe Summit would do this!" the reader wrote. "I hate when they change characters! They didn't take Taylor Lautner out but they took Rachelle Lefevre out. I was so excited for 'Eclipse' because of her, but now I'm not as excited."

The issue of contention between Lefevre and Summit is a role the actress accepted in the Dustin Hoffman film "Barney's Version." The shooting schedules of the two films are said to overlap, and some readers understood the need to select an actress with no conflicts on the calendar.

"As much as I hate it, I understand," Eden wrote. "It was her choice to take the other part and you can't expect a film as large as this to wait. If it was really that important to her, she would have never tried to do both. Dallas will do a great job as she is an incredible actress."

Indeed, many readers came to Howard's defense. "Rachelle was a great Victoria and she will be missed, but all these harsh feelings towards Bryce Dallas Howard aren't fair," Spunkymonkey wrote. "She will probably try her best to portray Victoria and she's probably feeling so much pressure right now. The impact of the 'Twilight' fans is very intimidating and she doesn't deserve to feel hated before she even starts the movie. Rachelle will be missed dearly but we should all help make Bryce Dallas Howard's transition into this massive phenomenon easier."

One reader went so far as to question the massive outpouring of anguish following the casting switch. "Why is everyone saying that Rachelle was the 'perfect' Victoria?" IllWitSkills asked. "She had less than half a dozen lines in the first one so you have nothing to really judge it on besides looks."

And Blindfire noted how fans will watch Lefevre's performance in "New Moon," which comes out in November, in a different light: "It will be very interesting to [see] Rachelle play Victoria in 'New Moon.' I thought she had great potential to be my favorite 'Twilight' villain. Having Summit add these more famous actors to the saga will certainly boost the movie credentials, but I'm not sure if it will better the outcome."

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