Ashley Tisdale's Busy Week Includes New Album, Movie

'I want [fans] to hear one and see the other,' actress/singer says of Guilty Pleasure and 'Aliens in the Attic.'

For anyone wondering how [artist id="2103458"]Ashley Tisdale[/artist] is charting her post-"High School Musical" career, all they have to do is look at this week. Tisdale not only has a new album, Guilty Pleasure (just released Tuesday), but also a new flick, [movie id="335746"]"Aliens in the Attic,"[/movie] out Friday.

"They are both so different," she told MTV News about her music and her movie. "I want them to hear one and see the other. They are completely different. My music career is being who I am and connecting with the fans in that way."

If you think it's a lot of pressure to have two big releases out in the same week, think again. Tisdale isn't allowing the stress to get to her. Instead, she's just hoping for the best and that her fans like what she's done.

"I don't put pressure on myself, and I don't like working under pressure," she said. "Listening to what I did, putting all that hard work in, I'm really proud of it. I think it's important for me to be happy with what I did."

If fans really like "Aliens in the Attic" and Guilty Pleasure, maybe Tisdale could end up at the top of the box office and the Billboard albums chart all in one week. "That would be pretty exciting," the 24-year-old said about the possibility. "Really cool! I don't know, [though]. I think that would be awesome. You never know."

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