Demi Lovato Is 'Completely Ecstatic' Over #1 Debut

Here We Go Again will be #1 on the Billboard albums chart next week.

On Tuesday night, [artist id="3079280"]Demi Lovato[/artist] achieved something most 16-year-olds only dream of: Her new album, Here We Go Again, will be #1

on the Billboard albums chart next week.

"It's great! I'm having a blast. I mean. never could I ever think I'd be this lucky," she told MTV News on Wednesday (July 29). "I'm excited. I was just completely ecstatic over it. I didn't know what to do! Last time I debuted at #2 [with Don't Forget] and so I thought if I could get close to that, that'd be awesome, so I was so excited."

The singer and Disney star said that she learned about her big debut before she hit the stage Tuesday night in Delaware. "[I found out] yesterday at my concert," she said. "I found at my [pre-show] prayer. We were all praying and somebody called."

Lovato was especially excited by the news since she feels the album is very personal, and she knows that her fans have been supportive of the move to write about events she's gone through in her life. "It's nice because now people get to see what I'm all about," she said. "And this album is more me and hopefully they like it. They've been able to relate to it a lot, which is really cool."

And Lovato got very personal on the album, noting that her favorite song, "Stop the World," which she worked on with friend Nick Jonas, is all about her love life. And although she didn't mention it as the inspiration, she did recently split from 20-year-old Metro Station frontman (and Miley's brother) Trace Cyrus.

"I put a lot of personal things into [it], and it just seems to be the story of my life," she said. "The song is basically about like falling in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with, which is what I tend to do. ... Pretty much like waiting until you're older to be somebody."

Although the star has yet to figure out how she's going to celebrate, she does know that her schedule includes a lot more work — more touring, more TV and another album in the future.

"I continue my tour and then I film 'Camp Rock 2' and then I shoot the TV show ['Sonny With a Chance'] and hopefully make my third album. I think I'll probably throw a birthday party," she said about how she'll eventually celebrate on her 17th birthday next month. "And celebrate this at the same time."