Ja Rule's Long-Awaited The Mirror To Be Released Online

Originally slated for release in 2007, introspective album is expected to be available for free download Friday.

Ja Rule's long-delayed The Mirror LP is finally coming out. According to a source close the project, Rule is releasing the LP, which was recorded in 2007, via free download Friday on DoctorExclusive.com.

Rule was unable to be reached for comment at press time, and producer Irv Gotti declined comment.

Back in 2007, Ja explained that the LP would provide a better perspective of who he is.

"I think the public has their own perceptions of Ja Rule," the Queens MC said two years ago. The Mirror was slated to arrive in stores November 13 of that year. "It's a lot of different [things]. They see me from the music that I make, but it's weird. It depends on what you know about me. But when you think about the public and the artist, really all what they see and know is what you portray on that screen. Perception is reality, so I think that people think that I'm a guy that just ... it's hard to tell what they perceive me as, but I know it's not what I am. ... And that's why I wanted to make this album. I wanted to give them insight into who I am.

"I have conversations with myself," he explained. "I talk to the guy in the mirror. He never answers back; it's always the same guy that asks the questions and answers the questions. [Laughs.] But the funny thing about that is, it's your moment of truth. You can't lie to yourself. And I'm sitting there and I'm looking in the mirror, and I'm saying to myself ... 'This person you see in the mirror ... you know who this person is, you know him very well. But is this the same person that your public sees when you walk outside? No. They don't have a clue who the f--- that person is in that mirror.' "

Ja is working on a brand-new LP as well as on projects for his new label, the Empire Music Group.

"I'm working. I'm not in a rush," Ja told Mixtape Daily recently about his upcoming album. "I'm doing good work in the community with my Life Foundation. That's always a plus. But as far as the music side, I'm in the studio working every day. I'm about to go in the studio and work right now and finish up on the album. The album's coming out incredible. It's very different. I wanted to make it special. I wanted the album to be out of this world, and it's definitely shaping up to that."

Before Ja puts another album out, however, he's releasing a mixtape called Welcome to Rule York.

Track list for Ja Rule's The Mirror, according to the rapper's camp:

» "Mirror Intro"

» "Message to Mankind"

» "Uh-Oh"

» "Body"

» "Sunset"

» "300"

» "Enemy of the State"

» "Ladies"

» "Father Forgive Me"

» "Judas"

» "Damn"

» "The Mirror"

» "Somethin New"

» "Rules of Engagement"

» "It's All Hood Now"

» "Hear Say"

» "Sing a Prayer for Me"