Young Jeezy Wishes Michael Vick Could Play In Atlanta Again

'He paid his debt to society. Give him a football and some Gatorade, and let's get it,' rapper tells Mixtape Daily.

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Michael Vick's journey back to the NFL is well on its way. He's done with his incarceration for heading an illegal dogfighting operation, and on Monday, the league's commissioner, Roger Goodell, said he would be eligible to play in official games after week six of the season, as long as Vick stays out of trouble.

[artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] told MTV News he's spoken to Vick and is happy to see the former Atlanta Falcon playing again.

"That's my dude," ATL native Jeezy told us on his tour bus during the Young Money Presents: America's Most Wanted Music Festival launch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. "I just talked to Michael Vick. Welcome back. I'mma just be real. I'm not saying this to be funny. I know 'em all, from Pacman Jones to Michael Vick. Sometimes keeping it real becomes keeping it dumb. It's hard enough in that position that they in. You can't keep a good dude down. He bounced back. We gonna wish him the best and tell him to stay out the strip club unless you're rolling with me."

Jeezy thinks that keeping Vick out until week six, almost halfway through the NFL regular season, is too harsh of a penalty.

"But you know what, I got dogs, so I feel the pet owners," he added about Vick, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges almost two years ago and admitted that he was part of the enterprise responsible for killing dogs that underperformed or were not fit to participate in fights. "But sometimes we as a people, we come up harsh and rugged and we get excitement out of things like that, and it might not be the right thing. I don't think it was worth him losing everything he had and not being able to take care of his people around him. He was punished. He went to jail. A lot of cats don't even go to jail. But he went to jail, did his time, he's home. He paid his debt to society. Give him a football and some Gatorade, and let's get it."

Young said during his phone conversation with Vick, it was clear the football star knew what he had to do.

"He's ready, that's what we was talking about," the Snowman said. "We was talking about the 'Welcome Back' song. And he was saying he was focused. Me, personally, I just hate that he can't go back to Atlanta. I don't remember going to football games unless he was playing. I never been to a football game, by the way, that he didn't play in. My city needs him."

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