Kristinia DeBarge, Britney Spears' Opening Act, Talks Debut LP

'Goodbye' singer hopes to make 'DeBarge' a household name again.

If you think [artist id="3176765"]Kristinia DeBarge[/artist]'s last name sounds familiar, it's probably because of the '80s R&B group of the same name, which featured her father, James. Now the 19-year-old is seeking her own bit of fame with her debut album, Exposed, out Tuesday (July 28).

When she first told her famous dad that she wanted to go into the family business at the age of 12, he took her seriously. "He took me into the studio [one night]," she told MTV News, "and we recorded until 4 o'clock in the morning."

The singer, who has already landed an opening spot on Britney Spears' Circus tour, said that the name of her debut may be eye-catching because of its naughty connotation, but insisted that the true meaning is a lot less suggestive.

"I chose that title because I felt that it's me introducing myself to the world," she said. "So I wanna make sure people get to know Kristinia." She also added that the album will give fans a chance to see the singer's different sides and that many of them are empowering.

That theme is strong on her first single, "Goodbye," which she says is a breakup anthem — emphasis on "anthem."

" 'Goodbye' is an empowerment-filled song," she said. "There's no insecurities in the song. The song is more like, 'You're missing out. I'm a good thing.' "

She's happy that the track will be the first taste listeners get of what she can do musically, saying, "It's really exciting to come out with an anthem like this, 'cause we don't have enough of those."

Among her slew of influences are her mentor Babyface and, of course, her dad, but she also mentions Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Nancy Wilson and Steely Dan. "I'm inspired by anyone who works hard and is a real artist," she said.