Exclusive: Former Panic! At The Disco Members Become The Young Veins

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker's new retro-leaning band is set to premiere first single.

Nearly a month after parting ways with Panic! at the Disco "to embark on a musical excursion of their own," Ryan Ross and Jon Walker have finally decided on a name for that excursion. They're calling themselves the Young Veins.

Ross e-mailed MTV News late Monday night to make the announcement, which came two weeks to the day after he told us that he and Walker were at a loss for just what to call their new retro-leaning band. (Of

course, we tried to help out the best we could.)

"We're going with the Young Veins," Ross wrote. "I hope you'll check us out."

For a time, they were also thinking about "the Guts," but decided it was "too punk" for their liking. Young Veins is a fitting name, one that sounds like it could've been lifted off one of the old Stax 45s from which Ross said he and Walker drew influence.

But the duo didn't stop with just a name for their new act: They've also decided to release their first single, "Change," which landed on the band's MySpace page on Tuesday (July 28).

Of course, as previously announced, Ross and Walker's former Panic! bandmates began streaming their new single, "New Perspective," on their MySpace page Tuesday morning ... making for a rather interesting battle of the bands.