Game Declares R.E.D. Album The 'Most Lyrical' LP In Rap

Rapper explains why 'soulful' fourth LP could be his best yet, in Mixtape Daily.

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Yet another new Mixtape Daily section? Yessir. We put "Don't Sleep" to sleep this week to bring you inside the realm if Jayceon Taylor. One of the most lethal MCs in hip-hop is piecing together what he calls another masterpiece.

"If you going by current status of the artist's music, then, I mean, I gotta exceed," [artist id="1340778"]Game[/artist] said. "This album is the most lyrical of them all, this album is the most lyrical album, period, point blank. I can say that about The R.E.D. Album."

Everybody is talking about Game and his disses toward Jay-Z, but what about the music? What about the actual songs where he talks about different topics and shows his reach as an MC à la "Letter to the King," "Hate It or Love It" or even "How We Do"? The Compton rap fanatic said he's got it all covered in his new LP, due later this year.

"The R.E.D. Album is a little soulful," he said, sitting in an L.A. studio recently. "But I think that The R.E.D. Album takes you. ... It's crazy because it could be pre-Documentary, and it could be post-R.E.D. Album, like it's early and late. It's early and late, so it's just on time. If you could understand that. It's like I'm raw. Like [on] some of the songs my flow is as raw as before I got with Dre."

As raw as they are, Game said the records are coming out very musical.

"Then the songs are so big and melodic and so music-filled that you could tell that I've been around for a while," he said. "So, you know, that's the vibe and it's soulful, but it's still right where you need it to be. It's not too sample-heavy and not just that soulful where it takes away from what I do, and it isn't gonna bore you or tire you out. This album is going to be incredible, man, and I would say it's going to be my best album."

Game did acknowledge that he's said every album is going to be his "best."

"I just don't want to do that anymore," he said. "I'm just going to say it's going to be a great album, man. ... The whole theme behind it is just 'rededicated.' That's what the 'red' stands for. Some people think it stands for blood or red, but that's not the case. This album is rededicated to where I'm from, rededicated to my fans, rededicated to music, to my people, rededicated to you guys, rededicated to just the game in general, man. The things I've been recording as of late, man, have just been so catastrophic, man. I can't even begin to tell you that it's going to be dope."

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