'Twilight' Rules Comic-Con Once Again With 'New Moon' Footage, Stars

Relive all the vampire action with our round-the-clock coverage from the San Diego event.

SAN DIEGO — You might want to go easy on your friendly, neighborhood "Twilight" fans for the next few days. They've spent much of the past week waiting in long lines, screaming at the top of their lungs and reaching out to grab the hands of their heroes at Comic-Con. Their black T-shirts need to be washed, their blogs need to be updated and those Burger King crowns have given them some bad hat hair. As if that isn't enough, TwiCon starts in a few days.

But would they do things any differently if they could? Taking a look back at the time we spent with them during their wild, whirlwind Comic-Con, it seems unlikely.

It all began midweek, as thousands of fans lined up with hopes of getting into the main Summit Entertainment panel at Hall H. Our very own Vaneta Rogers was among them, and live-blogged for Hollywood Crush. Twilighters passed the time by speculating on which stars would attend, re-creating key scenes and getting a glimpse at the cool "Twilight" clothes coming soon.

Meanwhile, yours truly was on the Con floor and heading straight to the bigger, better "Twilight" booth. First thing Thursday morning, I was front and center at the invite-only press event with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and a short-haired, punked-out Kristen Stewart.

As soon as RPattz, KStew and Taylor (can somebody come up with a shorthand nickname for him? They're so convenient!) were finished, I ran from the Hilton across the street, past the massive Twilighter line (thanks to everybody who said hi!) and back into the convention center. Just a few minutes later, I was scheduled to interview Ashley Greene, Taylor and Kristen one-on-one, and we spoke about the pressure for them to build "New Moon" chemistry. We also spoke with Chris Weitz about the "New Moon" soundtrack, and he confirmed some big names.

But no time to catch our breath! Suddenly, the line downstairs started moving, and Vaneta and 6,500 of her closest friends were able to get up off the sidewalk and go inside. I ran down to Hall H and deposited myself in the press area in just enough time to see all the stars come out onstage. Two great new scenes from "New Moon" were shown, and a lot of abs were exposed.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, we managed to interview no-longer-closeted "Twilight" fans Anna Faris and Jennifer Love Hewitt — the latter of whom wants to reunite with Peter Facinelli in one of the "Twilight" sequels. Then it was time to bike-taxi it through the Gaslamp District and up to the movie theater, where the stars were closing out the day with a special surprise for the fans.

Sure enough, the cast of the "Twilight" saga got together for an awesome photo and touched a few of the nearly 3,000 fans in line. Once inside, Twilighters got a sneak peek at tons of new merchandise, saw the stars in person and sat down to enjoy their favorite movie for the umpteenth time.

Wow, what a Comic-Con it was. Get some sleep, Twilighters — and we'll see you this weekend in Dallas at TwiCon!

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