'Iron Man 2' Director Jon Favreau Saves War Machine For Comic-Con

'These are the people who put us on the map,' he says of San Diego crowd.

SAN DIEGO — With all due respect to Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp, there was no bigger moment at Comic-Con '09 than when returning hero Jon Favreau strode triumphantly onstage at Hall H on Saturday afternoon (July 25). He brought along such friends as Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell. And then he unveiled his newest, most mind-blowing buddy: War Machine.

"We wanted to use Comic-Con as our venue to have the first images of War Machine come out," Favreau explained to MTV News, giving his first public comments on the big reveal at the end of the "Iron Man 2" trailer that blew away the Comic-Con crowd. "There's been talk of whether it was [in the film] or not, and we've been holding back. We haven't talked officially about it. We wanted to show the fans some of that."

While the "Iron Man 2" footage had plenty to drool over (Tony Stark barking at politicians who want to take his suit away, Mickey Rourke as Whiplash waving his deadly weapons around, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury grabbing coffee and doughuts with Iron Man), it was the final shots that got the biggest ovation. Standing in an airplane hangar, Rockwell's sleazy arms dealer, Justin Hammer, offers an array of powerful weapons to Don Cheadle's Colonel James Rhodes. After he purchases "all of them," fans got a glimpse of an evil Iron Man with weapons erupting from every angle.

"War Machine is another character that's based on the Iron Man technology. James Rhodes, or 'Rhodey,' the character in this film played by Don Cheadle, he has his own suit," Favreau explained. "It looks different, different coloring, different weapons on it. War Machine and Iron Man, typically in the books, are at odds. And so, it's Iron Man facing up against someone of equal power and stature using the same technology."

The day's big festivities, including the War Machine reveal, were all part of a mutual love shared by Marvel, Favreau and the Comic-Con community.

"People have been asking [if War Machine is in the film] and are curious about it, and we wanted to have that, in addition to other stuff we're showing here," the director explained before heading back into the editing bay for the film's May 2010 release. "We wanted to use [Comic-Con] as the place, because these are the people who put us on the map, and we wanted to come here first, do it exclusively for them, and then let everybody else follow suit and pick up on it. It's a bit of a courtesy, a 'thank you' and a showing of gratitude."

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