Anna Faris Decides Who's Hotter: Robert Pattinson Or Johnny Depp?

'I want him to give me that eye smolder,' Faris says at Comic-Con of the 'Twilight' heartthrob.

SAN DIEGO -- She's one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and they're two of the biggest sex symbols in the world. This week, all three are at Comic-Con. So who would Anna Faris prefer to get geeky with: Robert Pattinson or Johnny Depp?

"I haven't met him yet," Faris, in town to unveil footage from her upcoming animated flick "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," said of Rob. "But I want him to give me that eye smolder."

Anna might have been able to live out that dream -- well, kinda -- since several RPattz doppelgångers could be seen smoldering around the convention floor.

"Apparently, there's just a ton of characters. Which is awesome," Faris said of her first Comic-Con. "And I am a ['Twilight'] fan, yeah."

But ask Anna who she truly wants as her leading man, and Faris cites the name of the superstar who wowed audiences Thursday with a surprise appearance: Johnny Depp.

"That's the one," she gushed, leaving RPattz in the dust. "I heard he was here. Oh my God. I would really like to meet him.

"But he probably has no idea who I am," Faris added of Depp. "He probably has not seen 'The House Bunny.' "

And although chances are that Johnny does not have the "House Bunny" DVD on his private island, Faris told us that she's still eager to make a sequel.

"I would love to, but we haven't really talked about it yet in any serious way," Faris said of a "House Bunny 2" movie. "What do you think about this: I want her to be a country singer."

Whether Faris intends to ask RPattz or Depp to be in the film remains unclear, but this much we know: She'd love to croon a good old-fashion country love song to either.

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