Game Is Prepared For A 'Never-Ending' Battle With Jay-Z

'I'm probably the only rapper in this world besides Nas that's really not scared to go at this dude's neck,' he says on Virginia radio show.

[artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] may be the king of rap, but when it comes to hip-hop rivalries, [artist id="1340778"]Game[/artist] claims he's the king of battles.

Taking a break from his promotional tour in Amsterdam, the Game spoke with "The Boodah Brothers Show" on Norfolk, Virginia's 103 Jamz, responding to Jay's recent radio interview with the U.K.'s Tim Westwood.

"I ain't lost a rap beef to date, and when I say rap beef, I mean rap beef," Game said. "I ain't talking about no guns or shoot-outs or fighting. I'm just saying, this is hip-hop. It's a competition. We men. It's like football or basketball. It's competitive."

After countless verses name-dropping Mr. Carter, Game engaged Jay-Z in a full-on battle. The war of words was ignited when Jay mentioned Game's name, along with Jim Jones and Dame Dash, in a freestyle during the launch of his Blueprint 3 tour. Game immediately responded, going as far as dissing Beyoncé, questioning Jay's ability to father children and attacking the rapper's age.

Speaking out for the first time, Jay said his verse wasn't a dis but couldn't care less how it's perceived. "If that's a dis, then wear that," Jay told Westwood. "Tell groupie to get over it."

The Game, however, had a different perspective on Jay's bars: "What better way to talk about somebody than to not talk about 'em? Why you gotta say you're not talking about 'em? If you're not talking about them, then you just don't talk about 'em. He's slick, man. You gotta watch that cat, man. I'm probably the only rapper in this world besides Nas that's really not scared to go at this dude's neck. He knows if he goes to war with me, then it's going to be never-ending, man."

As was the case in his previous disses, the Game continued throwing darts at Jay-Z and his age, suggesting he move aside and let the new guys eat.

"Jay's problem is that some people just don't want to get old," Game said. "He got a problem like my dad got that problem. My dad, he just still trying to be young, like, rockin' fitted caps, and I'm like, 'Pops, you 60. You gotta chill.' Jay got that problem. He don't want to get old. It's cool to get old. But a lot of people have that problem, especially when they don't have children. But he don't got no children. I don't know what's up with that. Maybe he ain't fertile."

Recently, Jay touched on the harsh criticism he's received over the years regarding his age and being at the forefront of hip-hop music.

"I hear it all the time — 'Yo, he should let the young guys, the new generation of guys, come in,' " Jay told Reuters. "But you don't become the front-runner in music because someone lets you. You have to claim your shoes. ... If you grow up listening to hip-hop, you love hip-hop, and that's the end of it. But if you're a 30-year-old rapper still trying to make music like you're 15, then you're making it narrow. At my age, I can't relate to a 15-year-old. I deal with mature and relevant topics for my age group — it has to all be based on true emotions. The more diversity and the more mature we make hip-hop, the bigger the net you cast. ... Kanye is really the father to the next generation — he's from the school of Q-Tip, and now Drake and Kid Cudi are from the school of 'Ye. And, when you look at Kanye, you have to look at Lil Wayne. I think they're like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James."

As for the Game, he says you can expect another dis record — but only if Jay responds on wax, which is unlikely.

"If and when he does [respond], just be looking out for 400 bars," Game said. "It's not gonna be a joke. I'mma really put my pen down on a paper and really strike a match."