Robert Pattinson Describes Bella's Hallucinations In 'New Moon'

At Comic-Con 2009, the 'Twilight' star explains how he'll be in 'semi-visible apparitions.'

SAN DIEGO — Team Edward fans have often bemoaned the fact that there's much less of their favorite vampire in Stephenie Meyer's [movie id="414921"]"New Moon"[/movie] than in the first "Twilight" novel. But for the movie, the writer and director have apparently conspired to give [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] plenty of screen time for the sequel.

"It's just Edward's voice in the book," Pattinson told his fans at Comic-Con. "And I guess it would look probably pretty cheesy if it was just my voice, so they've done these hallucinations, kind of semi-visible apparitions."

Kristen Stewart added that in these hallucinations Bella Swan has are "very subjective, like how she remembers him, not necessarily how he actually is."

Pattinson revealed that, though he didn't read the "Twilight" saga before his audition to play brooding, dreamy vampire Edward Cullen, he was immediately drawn to the powerful story about star-crossed lovers.

"Right after the audition, I found myself kind of bizarrely invested in the story, and I hadn't even read the books at that point," he explained. "And I've kind of got more and more attached to it. I've been talking about the script for 'Eclipse' to people over the last couple of weeks, and I find myself getting very argumentative, which I'm not usually. They definitely have some kind of power."

That power, he explains, isn't because the story is about vampires and werewolves, but because it's about two people falling in love and having a hard time trying to make it work. "When I look at it, I never looked at it as a vampire story right from the beginning," he said. "And when I try and play it, I try to eliminate the vampire element as much as I can. I kind of see it as a tool to make their relationship a bit more fraught."

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