Blink-182 Fans Have Best Night Of Their Lives At Tour Kickoff

Blink's first reunion show was 'amazing,' especially for their youngest fans.

LAS VEGAS — The show's over, the reunion is on, and the verdict? Well, let's just say it was overwhelmingly positive.

Yes, [artist id="783"]Blink-182[/artist] fans were pretty happy with the band's Thursday night tour kickoff in Las Vegas, in ways you don't usually feel after attending a rock show. After all, some of them had been waiting their whole lives for this moment ... which made things rather, well, life-affirming.

"That was the best day of my life," 25-year-old Meg Vitale said. "The first time I saw them I was 10 years old. ... It's great, so many years later, that Blink is still here. They are the reason I play in a band."

"It was the best day of my life, really. I never saw them live before, they came to Monterrey one time, but I was too young to go," said 16-year-old Farid Dieck, who made the trip from Mexico for the show. "I'm so excited I'm in shock right now. Everyone was slamming and pushing each other [in the crowd], and I got this guy falling on my head, and I still got hurt from my neck 'cause he fell on me. It was really worth it."

That sentiment was echoed over and over again by sweat-drenched Blink fans pouring out of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino post-show. Of the 4,000 or so who packed into the venue, seemingly most of them were having (or just had) the best day of their lives.

But, of course, the reunited Blink did even more. They made dreams come true.

"My brother and I had this dream that some day we'd get to go to a Blink show, and then we did," 19-year-old Michelle Maxwell said. "It was amazing. Travis Barker threw his drumstick and I caught it. ... We were right up front. It was the best show ever. It was better than Hilary Duff."

Seriously, it was. And since we're getting pretty high-minded here, please allow one more life-affirmed Blink fan to tell you why he enjoyed the show so much.

"It was the best night of my life. ... They were amazing, after, like, five years of not playing," 16-year-old Zac Rupert smiled. "My favorite part was when Tom yelled, 'F---!' or 'Masturbate!' "

That part was pretty good.