Maxwell Drives Female Fans Wild At New Jersey Show

But he also looked out for the fellas: 'I been setting you up from the beginning,' singer laughed.

NEWARK, New Jersey — [artist id="817"]Maxwell[/artist] is back like he never left. His album sales for BLACKsummers'night proved that no matter how long you're gone, loyal fans will always be waiting.

Max stopped off at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center's Prudential Hall on Wednesday night, and he brought his two main weapons: that soulfully rich voice and sex appeal. Yeah, sex appeal. Even the most heterosexual man has to admit that Max has it. The women eat up every second of Max's elegant wooing, and he drives the ladies wild with his natural charisma.

After [artist id="2488038"]Chrisette Michele[/artist] opened, Maxwell came out in sunglasses, accompanied by his booming band. He started things off with a classic: "Get to Know Ya." He stood at the mic singing, standing in an open stance. He took his glasses off, and ladies started to scream as if he had stripped down.

The lights faded to black and came back on, as Max dropped down to a squat and started clapping his hands. The music turned into "Sumthin' Sumthin'." As he sang, he went into a one-legged split, Jackie Wilson-style.

"Lifetime" came next. The singer did a series of splits as the record came to an end.

The Brooklyn native then thanked all his supporters for staying down and coming back to him upon his return. "Y'all let me go away and live a life," he said. "All I ever wanted was to make music people enjoy."

After "This Woman's Work" and "Pretty Wings," women started coming down from the back rows and lining up in front of the stage to give him bouquets of roses and hopefully get a hug. One lady even threw a pair of panties onstage. He later addressed the fellas, calling his concert the "greatest setup ever."

"If you can't get yourself some a-- after this show right here," Maxwell laughed. "I was looking out from the beginning. Some people wanna hate, but I been setting you up from the beginning."

"Fortunate" and " ... 'Til the Cops Come Knockin' " followed. He stuck mostly to his catalog of hits. Guess the material from the new album will wait for the next tour.

"Ascension" closed the concert. He started the record a cappella, and the fans helped on the chorus.

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