Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt Writing 'How To Be Famous'

Reality-TV couple will release their first book this fall.

Lauren Conrad may be a best-selling author thanks to her debut novel, "L.A. Candy," but it looks like her former [url id="http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/the_hills/series.jhtml"]"Hills"[/url] frienemies Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are also angling for a spot on The New York Times bestseller list. The duo will be releasing a book together this fall.

MTV News confirmed the news that the reality-TV favorites have joined forces to pen "How to Be Famous." Spencer posted the news of the book's impending release on his Twitter page.

"I hope once the Speidi written book 'How to Be Famous!' that comes out this fall people will hate less because we shared the blue print," he wrote. "After 'How to Be Famous' hits stores you will have no excuse to be jealous of Speidi fame for 'nothing.' Go get your own fame it's easy!"

Although he has yet to challenge LC to a book-off, he did recently say that he would love to try his hand at another type of reality show — this time in space. "I just heard Conan O'Brien said that people want to send me to Mars!?" he tweeted. "If NASA let's me I will do a reality show of Speidi moving to Mars."

Their entry into the world of book publishing is the latest addition to the couple's diverse résumés. The duo have not only become reality superstars, but both have embarked on music careers. "I've always known that I secretly am the hottest rapper in the game," Pratt told MTV News earlier this year. "I'm the white Jay-Z in the game. I'm doing the baller thing. I'm more for the streets."