Method Man Wants To Hook Up With Ghostface, Raekwon For Joint LP

'I want some feedback from the fans to see how they would take that,' Meth says of partial Wu-Tang Clan album.

[artist id="1190"]Raekwon[/artist] is readying his solo album, and [artist id="1215"]Ghostface Killah[/artist] will be wrapping up his next project soon, so does this mean that Shaolin's finest will be reuniting in the foreseeable future for an official Wu-Tang Clan LP?

Not exactly.

But if it's up to [artist id="933"]Method Man[/artist], some of the sharpest dart throwers in the Clan will get together for a group project. Reiterating Raekwon's remarks to Mixtape Daily on Tuesday, Meth said he, the Chef and Ghostface might join forces for a collaborative effort.

"It's in discussion right now," Method Man told MTV News. "I don't want to say it's written in stone, but it's in discussion. I want some feedback from the fans to see how they would take that. RZA produced tracks, some other outside producers, of course, and we gonna have Wu-Tang members on the album, but it'll be a Rae, Ghost and Meth album."

Method Man said getting a new deal for the entire collective would take more time compared to locking something down for arguably the three most charismatic members of the crew. At this point in Method Man's career, he's focused on making music more in a collective manner than on his own, even if it's not a full family project.

"This is the most comfortable I've been in my whole career," Meth said. "Because I don't have all those obligations that I've had before. You know, doing the Wu-Tang, then the Wu-Tang solo projects, then my project, then me and Redman. Right now, I can do it at my own leisure. Honestly, I don't want to make an album by myself, but it's something that's required, and the fans want that, so I'm gonna do that.

"But the same way with my shows, I like doing shows with brothers instead of just doing them by myself," Method Man continued. "I like to have a crowd around. And have that input to make the project better."