Danny Gokey Wants His And Adam Lambert's Fans To Get Along

'They tend to bash each other,' the 'American Idol' finalist tells MTV News.

LOS ANGELES — One's a makeup-wearing, "Twilight"-loving gay man, and the other's a devoutly religious worship leader from a small town in Wisconsin. Nope, it's not the pitch for a new sitcom, but rather the reality of "American Idol" finalists Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey, currently on the road for the American Idols Live! tour.

With such a disparity between the two performers, it's not surprising that the singers' fanbases have as much in common with each other as Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat. Sadly, instead of singing and dancing about their differences, the rival fans are screaming at each other on the Internet. And Danny Gokey thinks it's gone too far.

"It's not cool. They tend to bash each other," Gokey told MTV News at the recent "Idol" tour stop in L.A.

In fact, Gokey cites the unfortunate fan friction as the main reason stories began surfacing about a supposed Adam/Danny feud.

"There's a lot of made-up stories about how me and Adam are behind the scenes, like, punching each other and fighting. And me and Adam are like, 'Uh, hi, guys! We're buddies! We're cool!' " Gokey insisted.

Gokey and Lambert even took to Twitter, telling their fans to take a chill pill. Gokey said their fans' response was frustrating. "They [didn't] believe it! 'That's a false Adam, that's a false Danny! It's not them.' "

The reluctant Danny and Adam fans finally came around when Lambert's Twitter account was hacked (in an unrelated incident) and saw that Adam chose Danny's account to spread the news. The two singers also began appearing in several video BubbleTweets together.

"Since the BubbleTweets, things are calming down," Gokey said. "I've seen on my Twitter account some people are saying, 'Oh! You and Adam are cool. OK, we're fine with that!' "

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