Tony Yayo Calls Cormega Back To The Streets

Yayo talks about recruiting a fellow Queens MC, in Mixtape Daily.

Two generations of Queens MCs: Tony Yayo and Cormega. In the '90s and early on in this decade, Mega was getting on majors like Def Jam and Interscope (the Firm's The Album), but he made his niche working independently. He released a string of well-received indie LPs, and now he's working on a new joint for later this year. Everyone from Pete Rock to DJ Premier to Buckwild has done beats for him.

Meanwhile, Tony Yayo is continuing to rep his team's flag on the streets with another mixtape. Mega and Yayo say their allegiance is legit, and a collaboration called "Streets Keep Calling Me" is just the start. Look for the exclusive video real soon right here on Mixtape Daily.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: Public Enemy

Starring: Tony Yayo

Collaboration: "Streets Keep Calling Me" with Cormega

Essential Info: "Sometimes I feel like a public enemy," Yayo said. "Everybody is against me."

For the Queens native, the title was a no-brainer. He had just seen the Johnny Depp film "Public Enemies" when someone gave him a crime encyclopedia. So Yayo has learned a lot about John Dillinger lately.

Somebody who Tony didn't need to research for his mixtape was former Firm member Cormega.

"I had to bring the general out. Mega Montana. I know a lot of people he knows," Yayo said, explaining how the collaboration originated. "Real recognize real. I feel this dude. His music is c'mon. When you look at an artist like Nas, you put Cormega on that same plateau, to me, in my eyes. The Firm. Everything he did in hip-hop. I love hip-hop. I remember 'Dead Man Walking.' That's one of my favorite joints."

"I was telling Yayo, when he was in jail the Yayo buzz was one of the biggest buzzes I've witnessed in hip-hop, period," Cormega said. "I remember 50 before all that. I remember 50 Cent in my man Junior's crib... always smiling, always talking. When he got on, he blew up bigger than I even thought."

Yayo's mixtape will be available for download on Tuesday night (July 21).

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