Sean Paul's Imperial Blaze Will Still Be 'Meaningful'

While the dancehall star's new album has dance jams, it will still deal with some serious topics.

NEW YORK — It's hard to expect a dark album from a guy who made a song called "Gimme the Light." But last time Sean Paul spoke with MTV News in 2007, the dancehall star said his next project would deal with some serious topics, particularly the violence in his native Jamaica.

Well, his new album will still be "meaningful," he said, but SP has been able to relax a bit more as he finished up Imperial Blaze.

The lead single "So Fine" has been buzzing on radio, and just last week Sean Paul was in Brooklyn, New York, filming a video for the next single, "Press It Up."

He explained the latter track is "rent-a-tile" music.

" 'Rent-a-tile' means when you go to a dance hall, some people take the middle of the dance floor and do their thing," he explained to us on the clip's set. "This is still dancing, but it's more like you take your one tile in the ground [on the dance floor] and you and your lady are in that space. It's kind of sensual. It's dirty dancing without having to move the feet too much — it's all in the waist. This is how me, as a Caribbean person, grew up. It's how you get to know a lady up close."

The clip was directed by longtime Sean Paul choreographer Tanisha Scott, who is helming her first video.

Although "So Fine" and "Press On" are the summertime burners SP fans are accustomed to, with Imperial Blaze, due August 18, the international star is progressing from his past work.

In addition to the heavier fare, Sean Paul has turned to production — he manned the boards for a track on his new album.

"I don't want to do something unproductive with my time, so I decided to do something musical. So it felt good to say, 'Yeah, I'm producing.' It gave me a fresh vibe — inspiring in a different way."