Tokio Hotel's New Album Humanoid Due October 2

Producer/songwriter David Jost shares details about the German quartet's next LP.

Attention [artist id="330"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] fans: Circle October 2 on your calendars.

That's the day the German quartet will release their new album, Humanoid, according to producer/songwriter David Jost.

In a statement to MTV News, Jost said it's "now certain" the new TH album will be released October 2, and it draws influences from the world of science fiction — or at least frontman Bill Kaulitz does.

"Bill has already given a name for the new record: Humanoid. The word 'Humanoid' comes from the science-fiction language, meaning 'humanlike,' " the statement reads. "This word is pronounced differently in the English and German language but is written the same way in both languages. Bill wanted the new record to have only one name worldwide: Humanoid."

The actual release date for the album was posted on Tokio Hotel's official fan site.

Aside from the title and release date, not much else is known about Humanoid. In early 2009, production team the Matrix told MTV News that they had recorded eight songs with Tokio Hotel and that the material was "strong, anthem-y" stuff with a dark edge and "lots of guitars." It's not known if any of those songs will make the final cut of the album. According to multiple sources, Humanoid will be released in both German and English.

Just last month, snippets of two English-language tracks — "Dark Side of the Sun" and "Pain of Love" — hit the Net, both of which will reportedly be featured on Humanoid. Within hours, those snippets were removed, but they can be found on sites like YouTube.