Naughty By Nature Drop Two New Singles -- Listen Here!

'We still got that same gutter music,' Treach promises of upcoming album Anthem Inc.

NEW YORK — From Dirty Jerz to the dirty South? [artist id="750"]Naughty by Nature[/artist] are coming with a brand-new sound on their single "Know Me Better." Vin Rock takes the reins for most of the new record, experimenting with Southern delivery while trying to lure a woman to his bedroom.

"You'll find out you played with toys/ Until you had a Naughty boy," Vinnie raps.

The beat has a club thump over heavy bass and synths.

Meanwhile, Naughty's street leaker "I Got" samples Method Man's voice from his timeless theme song "Method Man." Treach commands the record. "I got a chip on my shoulder that Bill Gates ain't make," he raps. "I got a connect up in Harlem, got a great weight rate."

"When the people hear this new album, Anthem Inc., they'll see that Naughty hasn't gone anywhere," Treach advised on a recent visit to the MTV News offices. "We still got that same gutter music. We still have all the big anthem records."

For the album, Vin and Treach reunited with DJ Kay Gee, who handled most of the production.

"The record is coming out real dope," Vin said. "It feels just like back in the day to have all of us back together."

Naughty are looking to drop their LP sometime this fall.

While visiting MTV News, the fellas also took time to reflect on the loss of Michael Jackson, who they sampled for their first-ever hit.

"We are devastated by the loss of Michael Jackson," Vinnie said. "His music helped catapult our careers. 'O.P.P.' is one of the biggest songs ever in hip-hop. We send our condolences to his family and loved ones."

"When we met Michael," Treach recalled with a smile, "no more hardcore gangster rapper. I was in straight fan mode. He's the greatest."

Although Naughty haven't been active with new albums for quite some time, they have been a very hot touring act. The guys are booked all summer in Europe and say they perform most of the year.

Naughty recently signed a deal with Microsoft and Windows Mobile for the new customized Touch Pro2 phone. You can access "Get to Know You Better" and many other Naughty records on the phone.

Vin secured the deal after a chance meeting with a Microsoft exec on an airplane. Naughty and Microsoft just finished a contest last week; a fan won a trip to Los Angeles to see a Naughty concert August 15.