Will Fall Out Boy's 'What A Catch, Donnie' Video Be Their Last?

Video depicts frontman Patrick Stump alone at sea, picking FOB memorabilia out of the water.

By his own admission, Pete Wentz is to blame for starting the rumors that [artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist] were about to call it quits.

After all, it was his response to a harmless question submitted by a fan via Twitter — "Can we expect a new FOB CD next year?" — that lead to all the chatter in the first place. Wentz answered that he wasn't sure, and that the band's Folie à Deux album "may be the swan song," which (understandably) got the rumor mill buzzing.

And while Wentz would later tell MTV News that Fall Out Boy weren't calling it quits, he did admit that the band have "no future album plans" at the moment, and they are all looking forward to taking a break after what has been a very hectic — and very successful — four-year run.

All was well and good, until FOB announced they were shooting a video for the Folie track "What a Catch, Donnie," a somber tune that features members of the band's extended Decaydance family — Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship, Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, to name just a few — singing memorable lines from past Fall Out Boy hits.

Combine that vocal nostalgia with the rather wistful concept of the "Catch" video — FOB frontman Patrick Stump is alone at sea, piloting a craft into the sunset, stopping occasionally to fish bits of band memorabilia (those Fall Out Boy dolls from 2006, the striped jacket he wore in their 2005 "Dance Dance" video) out of the ocean — and you can't help but get the feeling that this might actually be their swan song.

So, when MTV News visited the band on the set of the "Catch" video, we had to ask Wentz if FOB really were saying goodbye.

"I think this video gives us the chance for this record to come full circle, and this song represents that as well," he said. "It's got a reprise in it, and it contains lyrics to a bunch of other songs that were important to Fall Out Boy. So I think this video is a project of passion rather than, 'Oh, we've got to get this thing out for this' timing or something.

"We just always wanted to make a video for [the song]. I think Patrick, specifically, really wanted to make a video for this one," Wentz continued. "People might have expectations for what the video is going to be, but I hope it will be self-explanatory. It's metaphorical."

Hmmmm. Sounds swan song-y to us. Regardless, before Fall Out Boy go anywhere, they've still got their upcoming run of dates on Blink-182's summer tour to attend to, but after that, their schedule is pretty wide open. But Wentz cautions fans from getting too teary-eyed over the "Catch" video: Even though it might seem like their swan song, they actually intended it to be something completely different. And something way more out there.

"We're basically trying to shoot 'The Abyss, Part II,' " he laughed. "Only with no CGI."