Tokio Hotel Drummer Injured In Bar Fight In Germany

Gustav Schaefer was hit on the head with beer bottles, manager says.

[artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] drummer Gustav Schaefer was reportedly injured in a fight at a nightclub in Germany on Sunday.

According to the band's manager, Schaefer, 20, was injured at The Club in Magdeburg, his hometown. Police also confirmed the incident to German news site

"In one of Magdeburg's night clubs, a stranger smashed two beer bottles on the head of Gustav," the band's manager and producer, David Jost, said in a statement. "Gustav had to be treated in the hospital with 36 stitches. The police [are investigating] aggravated assault."

Jost's statement goes on to explain what happened between Schaefer and a group of guys after he began talking to a girl in the club. "All of a sudden some guys surrounded Gustav," he said. "One of them, who had a bald shaved head, started to aggressively pick on him. Suddenly another guy appeared; he hit Gustav straight in his face without warning.

"This started a physical argument between Gustav and the man who had hit him. Other guests of the club allegedly helped to pull the two apart from each other. The rowdy [man] took off and Gustav thought that that was it," the manager continued, "But the guy with the shaved head continued to insult him. Then the vicious attack happened. The second guy approached Gustav from behind on the right side and without warning smashed a beer bottle on Gustav's head from the side. The guy with the shaved head pushed Gustav back really hard."

Jost added that "while he was falling, a second beer bottle got smashed on Gustav's head. Gustav went right to the ground and the attackers fled. The guests in the night club became anxious. Gustav was bleeding insanely from his head and a bunch of people got him to the washrooms. Shortly after, the police and ambulance arrived and took the bleeding Gustav to the hospital."

In photos taken after the incident, it appears that Schaefer had received multiple stitches to several cuts on his forehead area.

"Despite his Tokio Hotel career, Gustav always tried his very best to keep as much as possible from his 'normal' life," Jost said. "Up to now, he has put a strong emphasis on not being accompanied by security personnel while privately going out in his hometown Magdeburg. Gustav is very much attached to his old friends and also to the overall life in his hometown."