Russell Brand Feeling 'Joyful Twitches' About Hosting 2009 VMAs

'You have my word as an Englishman that there will be no controversy this year,' the comedian swears.

Come September 13, Russell Brand will be back hosting this year's MTV Video Music Awards. The show — which will take over the entire city of New York, including iconic spots like Radio City Music Hall — is sure to be as action-packed as last year's, thanks in part to Brand's return.

"I'm feeling a series of joyful twitches and spasms beginning at the tips of my tiny toes and traveling up in glorious ways throughout my body as I begin to accept that I am the MTV VMA host again," he told MTV News on Tuesday (June 14). "I feel enlightened and excited."

Last year, Brand made headlines for poking fun at the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings, and the comedian is already devising ways to stir up controversy for the show in September. "I think I'll have live sex with barnyard animals onstage. Last year, I wasn't trying to be controversial. I was just trying to be a good boy and not be any bother, and the controversy happened organically," he said. "I will be humble and graceful as I try to hold the whole thing together."

But he added that, barnyard sex aside, he will try not to be too controversial. "You have my word as an Englishman that there will be no controversy this year," he said. "It will be controversy-free."

Brand does have a few expectations for the show and noted, "I have to use [my power] responsibly because if you remember last year, I said I would like for the American people to vote for Barack Obama because in my country George W. Bush wouldn't be allowed a pair of scissors," he said. "Now you look just 12 months later and George W. Bush now is, I believe, in a sanitarium, so I have to use this power very responsibly.

"[I learned to] make sure if I make any political predictions that they are correct," he added. "Also, only blindly praise the Jonas Brothers."

Speaking of the Jonas Brothers, does Brand have any insider knowledge that they'll be back for more this year? "I hope so. I'm hoping that given their religious principles, they would have forgiven me," he said. "I think they're very sweet and lovely young men, and I would be thrilled if they'd be there in some capacity."

Brand will also be sharing the stage with performers Muse and Taylor Swift, who promises "theatrics" for her VMA performance, as the show weaves its way through New York. "I love Muse. They are fine representatives of my country, and Taylor Swift seems like a lovely young woman," he said. "I think because of the intention to use locations all over the city, it will be like a proper New York spectacle, just like the good old days. It's going to be fantastic."

So fantastic, in fact, that Brand is already thinking up ideas to surpass the headline-making Brüno/Eminem incident at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in May. "It's going to be difficult, but having worked with Diddy, I am pretty sure I can negotiate a situation where he breastfeeds me live at the podium," he said. " 'Unlawful Acts' is the heading of the show. 'VMA 2009: Unlawful Acts.' That's what we're going to call it."