Does Gucci Mane Belong On Our 2009 Hottest MCs List?

Plus: Lil Boosie and Hurricane Chris 'clique up'; Rich Boy wants people to 'party instead of get violent,' in Mixtape Daily.

His fans are yelling for Gucci Mane. "Goocheee!," to be exact. He's been doing it this year. Man — 2009 is halfway over already? The years go by so quick. As always, though, we're here to document everything. All this week, in addition to our regular coverage, we're going to be highlighting all the impact players in the mixtape circuit so far this year. Who had the biggest mixtape? What MC was the most consistent? What albums have we kept in rotation? Rappers, DJs, producers, shows — we've got the best of the best of this year thus far. Stay with us all week.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: Bad Azz Hurricane

Headliners: Lil Boosie and Hurricane Chris

Key Collaborations: The entire tape is a joint effort, but listen for "Chest Wide Open," "Deebo" (word to Tiny "Zeus" Lester) and "Hate to Hear Our Name" (if only for the intro to the record alone — LOL!)

Essential Info: We know how popular Lil Boosie and Webbie are down bottom, but Mr. Bad Azz is coming with a different connect this time around: Hurricane Chris.

"All of us was doing our thing in Louisiana, [me and Boosie] came to the point where we said we got to lock up and smash," Hurricane said. "We started smashing our area, and it started going nationwide. We got real unity. Louisiana been doing it. We had to clique up and connect. The mixtape was the first one. The mixtape is like an album, though.

"We're like family," HC added of Boosie. "He's a real dude, and he's like a man of his word. He knows my people, and I know his people. I know his mama. When we go in the studio, it's like peanut butter and jelly. We go right in, and it's fun. It's not even work to us. The life we live is a whole album. A day with me and Boosie is like a DVD. We go in the studio, it's easy. It's cake work. We work, baby."

Hurricane said he wants to work with Webbie one day as well. "I ain't never got on nothing with him," he said. "I'm looking forward to getting on something with him whenever he's ready, I'm ready."

Boosie and Hurricane are going to drop more mixtapes and eventually do a group LP. "It's finnin' to get real drastic," Hurricane forecasted. "There's a lot of people that thinking they're running it with the mixtape game. We finnin' to lock in. We got a million more. Get ready for that, and get mad about it. Boosie and Hurricane.

Hurricane's solo LP, Unleashed, comes out August 18. "I got some bangers on there. Boosie on there, Busta Rhymes on there, Beenie Man on there twice, Ludacris, Plies, Mario — it's jamming. The whole nine."

Hurricane's follow-up to "Halle Berry" is a club track called "Roc-A-Late" and a song with Sean Kingston for the ladies called "So Excited."

Mixtape: Kool-Aid, Kush & Convertibles

Headliner: Rich Boy

Songs We Can't Stop Playing: "Put Me in the Game," "Convertible Status" and "Send For Me"

Essential Info: Rich Boy said he stopped sipping on syrup and went back to Kool-Aid. Real talk. Of course, he had his herbal stimulant handy as well. "In the recession, people still wanna have fun," Rich Boy said about his mixtape title. "They can't have big-boy fun. I said I'mma keep it simple."

Rich and his producer Super Villain built songs in a Mississippi studio and sent them out to DJ Scream. Scream and Rich have been connected longer than they originally knew. "We didn't know each other, but we both went to the same college, Tuskegee," Rich recalled. It wasn't until years later that they would link up at a 2008 party at an ATL club and decide to knock out a tape. Rich and Super Villain would record in Mississippi and send the tape out to Scream in GA via e-mail.

"I like the records that make you wanna party instead of get violent," Rich said. "That's what I was trying to do with the mixtape — calm violence down a little bit. We're cooking it up. I wanna show people I'm stepping up my game."

Part two is coming out with Scream later this summer, and Rich also has a mixtape with Bigga Rankin dropping soon as well. If he doesn't make a fourth-quarter release date, Rich said to look for his album Buried Alive in February.

Other Heat This Week

» Alchemist - Chemical Warfare (independent album)

» Drake - Heartbreak Drake 2

Mid-Season Salute: Gucci Mane

Brrrr! The hustle is cold. This year, Gucci Mane has been on the most-active-MC list. There's a bunch of Gucci mixtapes in the streets, and now his sound has translated from the trap to the pop charts. Mariah Carey, Mario and Black Eyed Peas all know the deal. They've called in the Gucc for guest appearances.

Like it or not, with the 'hood and 'burbs jockin' this Atlanta native, we had to call him out here in Mixtape Daily for being one of the impact players in 2009 thus far.

So only two questions are left surrounding Gucci's rise: Can he deliver a classic album, and is he hot enough to land on our Hottest MCs in the Game list this year?

"I watch it, you know what I'm saying?" Gucci said in Atlanta of the infamous list. "I be wishing I was on there. I would love to be on there [this year]. If I don't [make it], I respect them. Most of the time they have them [lists] down to a science. You have to earn that."

List or no list, Gucci said he's going to stick to his high-output work ethic.

"I won't say I'm the best rapper in the game," he admitted. "I'm not even my favorite rapper in the game. But I say I am probably one of the hardest-working people in the music business. That's what I pride myself on [and blame] having success on, just being consistent."

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