'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince' Stars Answer Fan Questions

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright talk spells, lessons and loyalty.

The "Harry Potter" franchise would be nothing without its multitudes of fans. MTV News knows that. The "Potter" cast knows that. And to celebrate your commitment to the boy wizard before the Wednesday release of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," we presented your questions to Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and the rest of the film's stars.

It was a difficult task to sort through the video entries and choose just a few, but the questions we ended up selecting touched on topics like "Potter" mythology, essential character traits and the ultimate legacy of J.K. Rowling's franchise.

MTV reader Shonz905 is undoubtedly a serious "Potter"-phile, and her question for Radcliffe offered up a triple-sided head-scratcher: If Daniel had a love potion, Imperio (a curse that gives you control over someone) and Avada Kedavra (a death spell), which would he use on #1 bad guy Lord Voldemort, mysterious Hogwarts teacher Severus Snape and Dark witch Bellatrix Lestrange?

Radcliffe laughed and made the easiest choice first. "Obviously, Bellatrix, the love potion," he said.

He paused before going on, asking for clarification. "Are we talking about characters or actors?" he wondered. "Because I just want to state for the record that I don't want to kill any of them."

Just characters, we assured him. With that cleared up, Radcliffe declared he'd kill Snape and use Imperio on his nemesis. "If I could control Voldemort, than I'd have his power," he reasoned. "See — thinking!"

Hufflepuffgirl identified Hermione Granger's three key character qualities as loyalty, intelligence and bravery, and this reader wanted to know which one Watson, who plays Hermione, admired the most.

"I think her loyalty is really admirable," Watson said. "I think she's a great friend. Particularly in the last book, you see her sacrifice so much for her friendship. She sacrifices everything. She makes her parents forget that she even exists so that she can help them and be there for them. That's truly admirable."

With the "Potter" franchise nearing its conclusion, Methehappymedium wanted to know what the actors most wanted fans to take away from the series.

"Each film gives different messages and different lessons to children and even adults," explained Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley. "Obviously, it's within this fantasy world in which no one can probably take away a lot, because it's so far beyond their own life, which is great as well because it's an escape from normal, quite mundane life. I guess just to take the sense of the friendships between everyone are so strong. The sense of loyalty, and if you strive to live within the good, then good will come back to you."

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